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Serious about responsibly sourced seafood.


Our family has been in the seafood business for over 25 years, and we have worked hard to both educate ourselves and our customers on the importance of sustainable seafood. The three key pillars behind our "Seafood for Life" label are Sustainability, Responsible Sourcing, and Food Safety.

Sustainability:   This refers to taking a long-term view on how our actions affect natural seafood resources. Many issues pertaining to sustainability originate from wild-caught seafood which do not follow proper protocols or sustainability programs; thus causing overfishing problems in our oceans.

The majority of our seafood are farmed through the aquaculture industry. This means that they are not caught using large fishing boats in the ocean, but rather carefully reared in controlled environments such as freshwater ponds. Today, over 50% of consumed seafood is produced from aquaculture – and this helps alleviate the pressure on wild stocks. We partner with BAP (Best Aquatic Practices), MSC (Marine Stewardship Council), and ASC (Aquaculture Stewardship Council) certified farms to guarantee the quality and sustainability of our seafood products. 


Responsible Sourcing:   This refers to the social and economic impact of being a responsible seafood company. As of 2017, 100% of Soline International suppliers (farms, seafood plants, manufacturers) have passed our Supplier Code of Conduct policies which require strict social audits. Audits are completed by SGS ( and Intertek (, two of the world’s leading providers of inspection, verification, testing and certification. This ensures all Soline seafood products come from farms which offer fair wages, safe working conditions, and operate with proper ethical practices.


Food Safety:   As the name suggests, this refers to our company’s commitment to ensuring the food products we manufacture and distribute are of superior quality.  It all starts overseas where our seafood is farmed and processed. All Soline production facilities undergo third party audits to guarantee HACCP compliance. Microbiological testing for the identification of unapproved chemicals (such as hormones and antibiotics) are mandatory requirements at the production level. Soline’s procurement team conducts frequent food safety and quality control audits in-person throughout the year, by visiting our vendor plants and confirming full traceability of the finished product at each stage of the manufacturing process. 

Our food safety protocols do not end there. Once the product has been imported and passes CFIA inspection at our Canadian ports, products must then be inspected internally by the Soline Quality Control Technical Department. This occurs at our in-house QMPI-licensed laboratory located in our Montreal head office. Selected samples are taken randomly for laboratory analysis again to ensure product specification compliance.

Our clients can rest assured that our products have gone through extensive food safety testing by the time they reach all of our chefs, home cooks, and families across the country.

Please look for our “Seafood For Life” label to ensure you are consuming only the very best in responsible, sustainable seafood products.

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